Red Panda Gaming Cafe

About us

Games, refreshments and more

As you might have guessed from our name, we aren’t just another regular café popping up on the high-street.

Having opened in Autumn 2018, Red Panda Gaming Café is an exciting new space in Lincoln where you can enjoy over 200 board games amongst friends, family and challengers alike.

We aim to provide an environment where visitors can relax, have fun and enjoy some delicious food and drinks. The Café serves hot and cold beverages and a selection of cakes and other snacks.

If you would like to have an alcoholic drink while you play you are welcome to bring your own drinks (with the exception of large bottles of spirits).

What is a board game café?

Board games might have been around awhile (we mean who doesn’t remember playing Scrabble or Monopoly when they were young?), but board game cafés are a fairly new concept only becoming popular over the last few years. 

The concept is simple – take some of your favourite board games, add in some friends/family (or total strangers!) and then create a sociable environment where you can have fun playing the games whilst enjoying great food and drink. Simple, right?

How can I play?

There’s a few ways you can play at Red Panda. You can simply pop on by the café and see what games are available, or alternatively get in touch with us to reserve tables and games in advance. We’ll need to know how many of you are planning on playing and if there are any special requirements for your party that we need to accommodate for.

There are also regular events and tournaments held at the café for those who like a challenge or to play with new people. These are competitive but are also loads of fun, so please come along and have a go – you might surprise yourself! Visit our events calendar to view further details on events and for registration information.